Adam Swisher’s trail to Eagle.

Being an Eagle scout is more than meets the eye, Adam Swisher knows what it takes.

Starting at the age of seven, Adam was influenced by his older brother and father to start his Eagle Scout journey. Beginning with Cub Scouts, he learned how to be interdependent and rely on others as a team. “It was a great preparation for Boy Scouts, where we  would learn more independent skills,” Swisher said. Many young boys drop out of Scouts after just level one, but putting his head towards something he loves, Swisher kept pushing forward in Boy Scouts. 

As he advanced in  Boy Scouts, bigger and more challenging activities came along. “You start to become more of a leader,” Swisher said. “You take on more responsibilities with service projects, and now you try to earn merit badges as well.” Merit badges test a Scout’s skill by making them focus on a certain subject or ability and then “testing out” on the topic. If you pass, you get your badge, if you don’t, you keep trying and pushing to earn it.

Hours upon hours are put into merit badges and community projects, making balancing schoolwork and Scouts, a difficult task that tests time management, proving that Boy Scouts isn’t just knot tying.

Statistics show that only three percent of Boy Scouts make it to the final level, Eagle Scouts. Many drop out of it due to the challenging rank advancements, service, and merit badges needed to attain Eagle.

Swisher had to complete a major service project as his last step to become an Eagle Scout, renovating the base of a building that dates back to revolutionary times. “To fulfill my Eagle Scout requirements, I obtained over 120 hours of work on the building,” Swisher said.

All of this time towards Scout’s hasn’t stopped Swisher from being a member of NHS and working on the newspaper and yearbook. Swisher does what’s needed to be an excelling student and a volunteering member of the community.

“I’m just doing what I really enjoy doing,” Swisher said. It may not have been easy, but with hard work and dedication, Swisher was able to push through the difficult challenges and become an Eagle Scout.

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Adam Swisher