Is Black Friday a buy or bust this year?

Thanksgiving, a holiday of feasts, family, and friends. Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to enjoy each others companies and give thanks for all that they are thankful for. Another major part of thanksgiving that many wait for all year is Black Friday shopping.
Black Friday is something that many participate in to get Christmas gifts and other items that they want on sale. Some have strategies to help them get the best sales. “I told someone something is one way when it is really another way to get to it first.” said Brittany Winter.
Some go to one store for a certain item, some go to many stores to find all different sorts of sales, some go all night into Friday morning, some go for only a few hours, and some do not go at all.
48% of the students interviewed go shopping on Black Friday. Some shared their crazy stories about what they have seen people do while they were shopping, for example, Brittany Winter has seen people dragging their children, Stephanie Soppe saw people get in fights over items in Victoria Secret, and also, Kat Scharpf saw a person shut a gate on a person and broke their arm.
Because some people go crazy on Black Friday and do crazy things, people think that Black Friday is a negative thing.
Some people think that Black Friday takes away from the Thanksgiving holiday. Years ago Black Friday started at 6 a.m. on Friday morning, but now starts as early as 5 p.m.
Thursday night, excluding some stores that feel as though their employees need to spend time with family and friends. 8% of students interviewed believe that Black Friday is a negative thing. Some would rather enjoy their holiday and avoid all of the crazy people.
Some love waiting in line, pushing through people, shopping all night, and the sales. These people wait all year to go out Black Friday shopping. Some hate the idea of Black Friday and think that it ruins the idea of Thanksgiving and don’t go out shopping.
Every person has a different opinion about Black Friday, and every person’s Black Friday experience is different, which is okay. No matter what your opinion is on the idea of Black Friday, most of us have one thing in common, we are excited for Christmas!