A new life for the Spyglass Twitter


Twitter is not a new form of media to Galena, but I think more people are getting excited about it this year. Whether it is Mr. Herbst or Galena Spyglass tweeting, the students of GHS are constantly being informed about what’s going on at their school. Keeping people in the know is the main goal of The Spyglass.

They have doing this for decades through the newspaper, but in this day and age, everything is digital. That’s why when The Spyglass heard about the news capabilities of Twitter, they had to get an account.
I personally love Twitter and being the main tweeter for The Spyglass means so much. The feedback that we get through Twitter helps so much because it shows us what the people want to see.

Twitter is also a platform built for everyone. It is extremely easy to sign up for up and offers so much, whether that be news or just pure enjoyment. You don’t have to be a viewer though, you can also post whenever you want about whatever you want.

The newly revitalized Spyglass twitter has over 100 followers, all of them being students or people from the community that want to be informed. If you want to be a part of that group, just hop on to twitter, search for GHS_Spyglass and then hit the follow button in the top right corner. After that you could even hit the little bell right next to the follow button in order to be informed every time that we post!