Heaven on Earth- Expectations for Prom

Prom.  One picture comes to mind.  The elaborate spring dance seen in the movies- the best night of a seventeen year old’s life.  Glittering dresses, swirling lights, and the DJ playing all the right jams.  The chaperones hanging out in the back, keeping an eye out for any rowdy boys who may spike the punch.  At the end of that typical teenage film, the star- crossed lovers finally unite amidst their classmates, who all miraculously know the same dance to whatever song is playing.  This is the prom people dream of, and while Galena High School’s prom on May 6 will certainly be spectacular, sometimes expectations exceed what is practical and feasible.


The juniors and seniors at GHS have rather different perspectives going into prom season.  Most of the juniors’ knowledge about prom stems from glorified movies and television shows, while the seniors have one prom under their belts to base their expectations off.  “I think prom is what you make of it, and how you want your experience to be.  I think prom was fun last year, but in comparison to the movies it was decent,” said senior Bailey Dragusica.


Both juniors and seniors are undoubtedly anxiously awaiting prom night, as it is an event they have been dreaming about their entire lives.  “We’ve been watching older kids at Grand March for years, and it’s so exciting that we are going to prom now.  It should be the highlight of the year!” junior Lily Kurt said.


However, the girls at GHS are not the only ones excited for prom; the upperclassMEN are looking forward to the dance as well.  “We like to get dressed up and look pretty.  It’s the perfect opportunity to bust some moves in front of the ladies,” senior Luc Pham said.  It is a common misconception that only women enjoy prom and all that goes with it.  “Girls have more to prepare for, and they show that they care about it more,” said Pham.  Guys may act nonchalant about prom, but in reality they are just as pumped and giddy as the girls.  


Prom is on Saturday, May 6, from 8-11 p.m. at the Owner’s Club in the Galena Territory.  Grand March will precede the dance, beginning at 4 p.m. at Grant Park.  Here, attendees will walk and showcase their formal attire, and later a prom king and queen will be named.  The theme for the dance is Heaven on Earth, which has been described by the junior student council members as “elegant, simple, and refined.”  


The six juniors planning prom certainly have their hands full.  They have been meeting with their class sponsors since the beginning of the semester, with the goal of making prom a night to remember. “Planning is stressful at times; we have to make decisions quickly, but once that’s done we just wait to decorate,” said junior Hailey Wills.  Prom is expected to be a classy, sparkling, and ethereal event, and all juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend the last major activity of the year at GHS.