Galena High School Students GHS Alumni


On December 21, 2017 when the majority of Galena High School students were in the middle of their B4 final, two students, Jason Palomino and Yaritza Garcia, were taking their final steps down the hallway as high school students.
Band director Steve Holland played “Pomp and Circumstance” as Principal Beth Murphy escorted the two students to the library.
When Palomino and Garcia started school in Galena, they spoke very little English and were thrown head first into classes at Galena High School.
The two were able to learn English with the help of Mrs. Schultz, the ESL teacher. Because of this language barrier and their transfer halfway through second semester, Palomino and Garcia were a semester behind the rest of their grade.
They were spending multiple classes learning English, and making up other required classes that they didn’t take in Mexico.
This fall, Palomino and Garcia returned to Galena High School ready to finish strong and get their high school diplomas. They tried very hard to acquire their diploma, and on December 21, all of their hard work paid off.
“They never missed school, and came with a positive attitude,” said Schultz. “They are a great success story.”
“People like me think that we can’t do this because everything is new and usually we come to the US just to work. But, I tried, and I did it!” said Garcia. “I know that this can help me in the future.”
Now that they have hung up their caps and gowns, Palomino plans to go back to Mexico to visit family, and then return to the United States for college. He wants to study to become a chiropractor. Garcia plans to work and gain money to attend NICC.