GHS embraces new staff and new lunches


Meet our lunch ladies, Rose Casper, Anna Heller, Jamie Schubert, and Diane Frank. Casper and Schubert have been part of the GHS family since mid to late October.
Heller has been subbing in and out since the beginning of the school year, but now holds a permanent position. And everyone knows Frank, who’s been here for eighteen years!
There have been many changes in the Galena High School lunchroom since the arrival of the new lunch ladies. One of the biggest noticeable differences has been the salads. They have added romaine lettuce to the salads, giving more flavor and color.
Side veggies have also been added to the salads, giving more variety. The new changes to the salads have been a big hit.
“I really like that the salad is fresher,” said Hannah Wubben ‘18. “I feel like I’m getting a better value for lunch. Also, I really like the new muffins.”
Mrs. Bookless’ Communications class recently surveyed the high school students on behalf of the kitchen staff. Students were not stingy with their opinions about what is good and what needs to go with the current lunch menu.
“I said we have to keep Frito Chili,” said Drew Wasson ‘19. “And 100% they need to keep the donut. That makes the meal!”
Wasson is not alone. A huge percentage of the surveys had Frito Chili listed as the favorite item on our lunch menu.
“More will be coming!” said Schubert.
Another favorite from the survey was the breadsticks that come with pasta dishes such as spaghetti and chicken alfredo.
The spaghetti sauce has also been modified, receiving loads of positive feedback from the CTE students who tried it last SIP day.
The lunch ladies were very pleased with the amount of positive feedback they are getting with these changes. But it doesn’t stop there. There are still many changes coming to our lunchroom.
In January, there will be a breakfast day. Also, new recipes such as green bean casserole and slushie cups are coming soon, along with more desserts, and hopefully a salad bar!
In December, superintendent Greg Herbst spoke to the high school students about lunches. He spoke about the requirements given to the school about how the lunches must be arranged.
Herbst also spoke about the importance of giving the correct number during lunch count.
Receiving the correct lunch count will reduce the extra lunches and make sure there are enough lunches for everyone, both of these being very serious issues.
Improvements are coming this way to the GHS lunchroom!