Scholastic Bowl team sweeps competition in Bergstrom State Line Quizbowl meet

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Scholastic Bowl team sweeps competition in Bergstrom State Line Quizbowl meet

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Many people can catch themselves watching one of those trivia game shows where the contestants test their knowledge by buzzing in to answer questions that will give them points. In a sense, scholastic bowl is a way to enact this in a daily life.
Spending time with friends by answering questions to learn and test your knowledge is why many people join scholastic bowl.
“Everyone on the Scholastic Bowl team is obviously here for enjoyment and challenge! Who wouldn’t want to show off their whits while at the same time learning some fun facts?!” says Ms. O’Malley, the JV coach of the scholastic bowl team.
It’s just simply impossible to step into the room for thirty seconds and not learn something. It also seems that many of the participants enjoy the feeling of stress and are still able to laugh and enjoy themselves,
“I feel that it has a great community environment and is a really fun activity” says Sophia Getz, a sophomore on the team, “I joined Scholastic Bowl because it was relevant to my interests and because my friends were involved”.
The “scholars” are also able to enjoy the after school time with their friends, “It’s something all of my friends do, and I enjoy doing trivia. Playing in middle school exposed me to scholastic bowl, and it was fun” Evan Soat said.
Most of the players have been exposed to it before, some have enjoyed the experience in middle school and decided to continue in high school.
“I joined because I did scholastic bowl it in 7th and 8th grade and did well in those meets, so I thought I would continue throughout high school” says Will Nack, who participated in Quiz Bowl at the middle school.
Andres Sanchez, the self proclaimed ‘Lil Sanchez, said this about scholastic bowl, “I joined Scholastic bowl because I felt that knowledge is the key of life”.
The team really enjoys the feel of the meet and can always have the exhilaration of being able to think on their feet to answer the questions thrown at them. Testing knowledge always leads to an award of some sort, that is why the scholastic bowl team has so many plates of recognition found in Mr. Jenkins’ room as well as Mrs. O’Malley’s room.
The game has a fun and friendly sort of environment that can put people at ease. Again, it provides an easy doorway into being able to learn many fun facts and experience a challenge with your friends.
So Scholastic Bowl is very similar a trivia game show, but you don’t have to be one of the millions waiting to get their shot to show off their knowledge in front of people, and possibly win the day.

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