Homecoming competitions bring the classes together


Emilee Rodriguez ’22 (left) and Madeline Ries ’22 (right) pass back and forth while competing in the sports relay.

This past week the four classes have been battling it out to be the victorious winner of the 2018 homecoming class competition. Between the games at lunch and the activities on Thursday and Friday, there were been many opportunities for the grades to earn points. It’s been a tight race between the classes, filled with energy and school spirit.

Some of the games included a pie eating contest, musical chairs, a sports relay, and tug of war. The seniors and juniors were neck and neck the whole week, with the sophomores not that far behind, and then the freshmen. Clay Folks ’21 took part in the pie eating contest and said, “The contest was quite intense. Everyone in the sophomore class wanted me to win so I tried to eat as fast as I could.” The participants had to have their hands behind their backs.

Due to the weather, most of the games were held in the gym. Mackenzie Muehleip ’20 said, “Having the games inside was a little crazy, but I think it made everything and everyone more energized.”

At the end of the festivities the seniors and juniors were tied with exactly 955 points. According to Shea Curran ’19, “Having it be such a close competition really got the classes pumped. It was so exciting to compete for first and almost pull out the dub.”

The outcome resulted with the juniors taking home the title, with the seniors coming in second, the sophomores following, and then last but not least, the freshmen. Everyone showed great amount of effort and pride.

Congrats to the football team on their win against West Carroll. Their next game will be away against EPC on this upcoming Friday.