Hablas espanol? Spanish club becomes the newest addition to GHS


Hola estudiantes y familias! GHS would like to present its newest club, the Spanish Club! GHS’s new Spanish teacher Mr. Scott Gimmy has not only brought his Spanish teaching skills to the table, but also an extra program outside of class for students.

The first Spanish Club meeting took place on August 30th, in Gimmy’s classroom. The first meeting had an incredible turnout! There were so many people, they couldn’t all fit in one room. For the first meeting, they signed in to get an estimate of how many people would be joining the club, ate chips and salsa, and sang Spanish songs.

“Call Me Maybe is the best one by far! I play Call Me Maybe in Spanish everyday on the way to school,” says club member, Sawyer Quick.

Many of the students joined because they were interested in what the new Spanish teacher had to offer in the club.

Gimmy is hoping the club can be involved in many activities, fundraisers, and events. His main concern is for people to learn and to have fun. The Spanish Club meetings focus on what activities people would enjoy, and when they would be able to go to them. During the meetings, the students brainstorm fundraising ideas to go toward the club funding.

So far, the Spanish Club has held a Spanish Game night in Gimmy’s room. There, they played “la loteria”, Spanish bingo.

During homecoming week, the Spanish Club hosted a table in the front entryway. There, students were able to get a Spanish flag painted on their face for $1 in celebration of Spanish heritage month. If the student got a flag painted on their face, they earned a point for their class, letting the club take part in the competitive homecoming games.

The Spanish Club held a movie night on October 18th, where the Spanish Club met in the library from 6-8 to watch the movie CoCo.

“It was bueno (good) until Mr. Gimmy burnt the popcorn.” said club member, Andres Sanchez.

The Spanish Club is planning to have many more events coming up in the month of November. The next activity for Spanish Club members will be held on November 2526th, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The Spanish Club will be holding a taco fiesta in Mrs. Friederick’s room. This activity will only be open only to the Spanish Club members.

If anyone is in joining the Spanish Club to have some fun, and learn a new language, talk to the new Spanish teacher. All are welcome in the Spanish Club!