12 reasons why you should join the speech team


Caption -- Speak out! Coach Susan Bookless smiles for the camera along with speech team members Sophia Getz, ‘20, Emilly Folks, ‘19, Robert Schuh, ‘19, and Judas Benson, ‘21. Benson and Schuh both placed in their first meet of the season on December 1. “Speech team was a great choice for me because I love to talk and it helps me speak in a more well developed manner,” said Schuh.

  1. It grows your confidence in public speaking
  2. It’s a great way to spend time with friends
  3. You get to meet interesting people from other schools
  4. It’s low stress
  5. It looks good on college applications
  6. You can show your personality depending on which event you do
  7. You get to dress up in fancy clothes
  8. You get to watch interesting speeches from your teammates and people from other schools
  9. When you place in your event you feel powerful
  10. It will help you develop persuasion and communication skills
  11. You can talk about issues that matter to you
  12. It will make Mrs. Bookless love you 🙂