That’s a wrap: GHS students share their best memory from first semester


Chow down. Jacinto Lopez Brito ‘22, Clay Folks ‘21, Trevor Hoell ‘21, Elizabeth McGruder, David Garcia ‘20, and Richard Kern ‘19 are ready to go. The students competed in the pie eating contest as part of Homecoming Week. “It was a lot of fun,” said Trevor Hoell ‘21.

With semester one finished many students had their fair share of memories and laughs. Most can agree that as much as school can be a drag, there are silver linings. Students shared some of their favorite memories that came along with first semester and here they are.

A big kick off to the school year was homecoming. It’s the time that most people look forward to and the juniors won the competition this year. David Garcia ‘20 said,“My favorite memory was eating pie during homecoming week and hearing the entire school chanting my name.”

Kenzie Casper ‘20 also said her, “Favorite memory from last semester was winning homecoming week!” Homecoming was a hit with the underclassmen too.

“My best memory would have to be homecoming. Getting to be able to see all of my friends all day as well as getting to laugh all night. The entire build up to it was very exciting,” said Jude Benson ‘21.

Nathaniel White ‘22 said it was his favorite thing of first semester because the homecoming games were, “Really fun.”

Sports and activities are a big part of high school. Football player Travis Heuer ‘19 said his favorite moment was, “When Kris Knautz scored a touchdown in football, and also winning a football game this year.”

Mackenzie Muehleip ‘20 said her, “Favorite memory was going to state for volleyball.”

During the golf and basketball season memories were made as well. Aidan Schubert ‘21 said his favorite was when, “They didn’t have enough players for a JV meet so we played against each other on the back 9.

Max Kouzmanoff had Ben Nack carry his clubs so he could jump into the pond. We all died laughing because it was cold and we couldn’t hide the muddy, wet, dead fish smell he had from the pond.”

Kellyn Romer ‘21 said hers was, “When our basketball coach called me and Sydney Benson dumb and dumber.”

Activities are a great way to make memories and get involved. Participating in the play is an example. Jessica Baltierra ‘19 said the best times were, “The many inside jokes and ruses that occurred during the production of “The Nerd.” The play took up a lot of the semester, and the cast and crew shared a lot of pretty cool moments during that time.”

Lochlan Nowatzki ‘19 said his favorite moment from the play was the, “Time after a play practice, Kyle, Henry, Jack and I were all heading to my car. Kyle decided that he was going to be really funny and try to slide over the hood of my car. Instead of going across my hood, he fell straight on top of it and put a dent in the hood of my new car literally two weeks after I bought it. The dent is still there to this day.”

The little things throughout the semester that students took from it made some great memories as well. Shea Curran ‘19 said her, “Favorite memory was the Galena Pirate nation rap sung by Mrs. McIntyre and Mrs. Rosenthal.”

Austin Montgomery ‘22 said his favorite thing was, “Playing Fortnite.”

Sawyer Quick ‘19 said that their stats class “Threw a sprinkle (mini baby shower) before Mrs. Burken left.”

School has its ups and downs at times, but the memories made last a lifetime. Try new things and have fun. You are only in high school once, so to sum the semester up Livy Schafer ‘21 her favorite memory was,“It being over and spending time with friends!”