Bored at Home

Bored at Home

Dear Petey,

I am having such a wonderful time at home on my free skip day, while my peers are safely attending school. I am thankful that everyone at school is safe and I am just as safe at home, and that I can do whatever I want, including playing Mario. Anyway, what’s up?

Bored at home


Dear Bored –

Nothing much. But maybe you should consider that the school board and superintendent deemed the school safe enough for attendance. Your fellow students felt comfortable enough to trust our school’s safety and pursue their education, and you should have done the same. It is not impressive or cool that you skipped school because your parents said you could. You should not brag and boast about the fun times you had while essentially skipping school. However, for those who legitimately feared for their safety, worry not. The police investigated and determined that our lives were safe. At the end of the day, for those who took advantage of a serious situation, shame on you. For those who feared for the lives of themselves and others, do not be frightened.


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