Junior class partners with Elks Lodge


Abby Schaber ’20 and Veronica Skinner ’20 working their junior class dinner. Skinner is thrilled and has a smile all night!

Every year the junior class works with the Galena Elks Club to host fundraiser dinners to benefit the GHS junior class. The proceeds from dinner help to offset the cost of Prom each year, as well as provide funds for their Senior Class Trip, held each year in April.

The fundraiser brings in good money. For each dinner the junior class brings in roughly around one thousand dollars.

Each student is given fifteen tickets to sell and each ticket costs ten dollars. The student is then required to work their scheduled dinner. The junior class is split into four to decide who works what dinner. If the student decides he/she does not want to work their scheduled dinner or sell their tickets, they are required to pay one hundred dollars. To make the dinner even better students are asked to bring baked goods with them to sell for desert. The meal for February was Italian Beef sandwiches and French Fries,  “It was good, very good. Better yet I didn’t cook,” Mary Beth Hyde said very pleased.

At the dinner the juniors are the servers, the cleaners, salespeople and ticket handlers. They work the line, handing out pasta, bread, and other foods that go along with the theme that night. Not only do they serve, they go around filling up water glasses and wiping the tables. While serving food Adriana Amaya jokingly stated “This is fun. More fun than picking up plates.” If the students are not working upstairs they are downstairs selling the baked goods and selling more tickets to the walk-ins.

This fundraiser brings in good profit for the junior class. Its organized very neatly by Lisa Watson. Watson is very thankful and said “We are so fortunate to have an organization like the Elks Club that supports our students, school and overall community. They frequently go above and beyond to help us out!”

The junior class dinners make it possible for students to avoid selling items multiple times their junior year. With this fundraiser, the juniors each only have to work one evening and sell tickets one time throughout their high school career.” Not only is it good for the school the customers also enjoy themselves.