Running Towards Victory

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The Galena/ East Dubuque/ River Ridge girls track team took home the win against Stockton/ Warren and Lewin/Pearl City girls on Tuesday, March 26. The girls won with 118.00 points overall.

The relay team including Lizzy Eaton 19’ and Morgan Wills ‘20 won the 400 and 800 meter relay run. Eaton said, “It was awesome to win at out first outdoor meet and we are hoping to continue to have a lot of success.”

Kate Moran ‘21 came in first place in the 3200 meter relay with her relay team. She also came in 2nd in the 800 meter run. Moran said, “I am excited to start the season off right, with everything I got. I wish I could of came first but I am happy I have room for improvement.”

Sammi Digman ‘19 came in first place for the 300 meter low hurdle with 54 seconds and in the 100 meter hurdles with 19 seconds. Digmansaid, “It feels really good starting this season off with two 1st place wins. I have been working towards this progress for awhile.”

If you want to see the keep up with the good work, their next home meet at River Ridge will be on April 8, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Go Pirates!