Parly Pro team demonstrates solid public speaking skills


Third place finish. Karsyn DuPlessis ‘21, Kenzie Casper ‘20, Conner Einsweiller ‘19, Chance Wills ‘20, Aly Anderson ‘22, and Maggie Handfelt ‘21 pose for a picture after competing in parliamentary procedure.

FFA isn’t just about fields and farms. Some commonly overlooked features of FFA are public speaking and parliamentary procedure.

On Thursday, February 28th, FFA members Aly Anderson, Karsyn DuPlessis, Maggie Handfelt, Kenzie Casper, Chance Wills and Conner Einsweiler along with Mrs. Faulkner headed to River Ridge High School to participate in various competitions.

Wills and Casper participated in the public speaking competition which included prepared speaking and extemporaneous speaking. Anderson also participated in the creed speaking competition which is the memorized recital of the five paragraph FFA Creed.

“I know it is going to be beneficial for me in later years, inside and outside of school, and it really pushed me outside of my comfort zone,” said Anderson. “I never thought that I would be good at public speaking or that I would ever want to do it. When I signed up for it, I didn’t think that I would do well, but now that I’ve done it, I am glad I did.”

Also hosted that night was the Parliamentary Procedure contest. “Parliamentary Procedure is a competition in which your team competes against other schools in our section following parliamentary procedure law,” said Casper. “I am excited to see what next year brings for our team!”