Ag in the classroom fun for all GPS students


One of the most important factors of FFA is the outreach. Boosting enrollment and interest in an FFA chapter is what keeps it growing. One way the Galena FFA Chapter is raising awareness is through the Ag in the Classroom program.

Junior Kenzie Casper creates lessons as her SAE. “Ag in the Classroom is a way for us to let younger students know what high school Ag classes are about and how fun it is to be apart of the FFA program.”

The lessons are taught to third graders by the Horticulture Science Class each month as a way for the students to participate in hands on agriculture experiences. “I enjoy doing this as my SAE and hope to continue it next year,” said Casper.

“It’s important to keep awareness of FFA among younger students so that they enroll in classes when they get to high school. After all the future of agriculture is in the hands of the youth.”