Aiming for a big win


Varsity and Jv girls soccer play their last home soccer game. Pictured, Kaitlin Rodriguez, Elena Garcia, Hanna Skiston, Shea Curran, Gema Luna. Senior girls played their last home soccer game against Richland Center on Tuesday April 30. Skiston ‘19 said, “ It was sad that we lost our last game that the seniors would ever play on our home field. It was also nice to see quite a few more fans there to support the team for our last game!”

The Varsity Lady Pirates played their last home game, Senior night on Apr. 30. The Pirates had an unfortunate lost against Richland Center by a score of 1 to 4.

McKenna Curran ‘20 took the only shot the girls had towards the end of the game in the second half. Curran said, “ Making the shot was a good feeling. I had a break away and kicked the ball into the corner of the goal. I was also upset that, that night night was the only goal that night. I was hoping we would have more goals than just the one, but i’m glad we got one goal.”

Junior Varsity tied against Richland center the same night as Varsity. The ending score was a tie 1 to 1. Mackenzie Knautz scored the only goal the JV team had in the first quarter of the game. Knautz said, “It was pretty great considering it was only my second goal of the season and I was pretty surprised I actually made it because I couldn’t feel my toes thanks to the rain, but after we had that goal, I felt like our whole team just got a lot more excited for the game and everyone started to have more fun.”

The Lady Pirates will play their next game on Friday, May 3 at Bellevue Marquette as they hope for a big win.