Putting in the Extra Effort


Caption: Student Council member Gracelynn Lange ‘21 talking and discussing homecoming games. The student council ate pizza and talked about homecoming. “It was great to have extra time to plan for homecoming,” said Gracelynn Lange ‘21.

On Sunday, September 8, the Galena High School Student Council had a Sunday night meeting. All of the members met in Mrs. Burken’s classroom at 5 o’clock pm. They ate pizza, talked, and had a good time. The most important reason for the out of school meeting was homecoming. 

The past few years the student council members have been working hard to make homecoming memorable for the entire school. They held this meeting so that they could plan what games were going to be played throughout the week. 

“The meeting was very beneficial,” said McKenna Curran ‘20. “We are normally trying to come up with ideas in a short homeroom meeting.” They had two hours to eat and brainstorm ideas for this year’s homecoming. 

“It was really nice to be able to really talk about each idea,” said Julia Townsend ‘23. “I am very excited for homecoming already, and I know the student council will do a great job making it a great experience for everyone.”

“This years homecoming is going to be great,” said Mackenzie Muehleip ‘20. “The extra effort put in by student council is going to make a big difference.”