The Competition Is On



You are seeing it here, a school activity taking place during this 2020 school year. Jovian Pham competes in the first speech meet of the year, taking seventh place in the novice competition. “This season is happening, and I feel like everyone should take a short at it, it truly is simple, and you can literally do it from your bedroom” said Jovian Pham ‘22. If this is something that looks like it sparks your interest, reach out, get involved, and simply have fun with the Speech Team. 

Sports may not be happening, school activities may not be happening, along with many other things students look forward to, but guess what is? The GHS Speech Team is happening this year, in a unique way, that puts it at the fingertips of every single student. It is as simple as reaching out to Mrs. Bookless, setting up a “practice” meet with her, you will pick a contest to enter, and then you simply record yourself giving the speech. It is presented to students as a great way to get comfortable with the needed skill of public speaking, a great application and resume maker, and so many more opportunities along the way. With that, the Speech Team needs you to have success this season. The more involved, the more likely GHS is to win tournaments overall, and multiple individual events. Last weekend, the GHS speech team competed in their first ever virtual competition, with one  competitor on the roster. 

Junior Jovian Pham is excited to see how the 2020 season plays out. He is aware that the circumstances are so much different than any other year for the speech team, but he looks forward to making the most of it. He competed in the in novice competition this last weekend, placing very well in seventh place. “Virtually everything is online this year for the speech team– pun intended,” said Jovian Pham ‘22. “Speech team does not need to perform live either. If you’re not doing too much this year, you should join the speech.” Now is the time for involvement at GHS, and the speech team has the opportunity promised. 

In addition to players, coaches have faced much stress this year. Seasons are constantly being pushed back, players are in quarantine, and not knowing if they will ever get to have their season at all. All of these factors are irrelevant to the 2020 speech season. It is all virtual, and can be practiced and recorded as time allows for competitors. Coach Susan Bookless expresses her excitement after the first competition of the season. “I’m so proud of  Jovian for his performance this weekend,” said Susan Bookless. “He has started the GHS speech season out on a strong note. This weekend we are going to Rochelle and I’m excited to see what is going to happen next. I should have more students competing this weekend!” This is just the beginning to a competitive season, and there is still plenty of time for you to get in on the fun. 

Get involved, now is your time to take part in something that is happening no matter what. From the comfort of your own home, you have the opportunity to work on your speaking, be part of a team, and most importantly, make memories during this 2020 school year. Any further inquiries about what the GHS Speech Team is about, when you practice, when you record, and all other questions that may come up, can be directed to coach Susan Bookless. Step outside of your comfort zone, this is your time to shine.