Traveling COVID-19 Edition


The global pandemic has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs. People are now taking precautions when going out and making sure to use masks and washing hands frequently. For example, we are making sure to wear masks when going out to keep ourselves safe as well as our loved ones. According to the CDC, traveling out of the state is not recommended, but currently not restricted. This makes it a topic that is up for debate. Personally I think that it is an okay thing to do because you can’t put your life on hold forever. 

Many families have been postponing their trips due to the coronavirus pandemic. Traveling does increase your chances of getting COVID-19 but many families are taking precautions for safe travel. For example families are getting tested before going on a trip to make sure they aren’t exposing others and wearing masks and social distancing while on their trip. 

For example I recently went on a trip in the fall. I traveled  with my boyfriend’s family and we went to Breakenridge, Colorado. We made sure to social distance from others and wear our masks at all times. I knew I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this and I would stay safe while I was there. I was flagged four weeks before our trip. I quarantined for the two weeks and then me and my parents decided to keep me at home so then I wasn’t potentially exposed and flagged again at school. I was in the clear to go, and anytime that we left, we were trying to be as safe as we could by wearing masks and washing our hands frequently. The trip came to an end and on the way home, I started a cold and isolated myself with my boyfriend’s family and got tested so I wasn’t exposing my family. I turned out to be negative for COVID-19 so I was okay to come to school. 

As an extra layer of precaution, we drove instead of flying to Colorado. While in Breckenridge we skied and hung out in the mountains. Being outside reduced our likelihood of us getting COVID-19 as it is more unlikely to spread outdoors then indoors. When returning back to hometown Galena, Illinois we all got tested and quarantined in case we tested positive. After awaiting a test and it coming back negative, I was relieved that I could get back to my everyday life. 

I don’t regret going on this trip as it was a wonderful opportunity and made me see a new perspective on life- enjoying the little things with people that matter the most. Traveling during this global pandemic can be risky, but if you are smart and as safe as possible I believe that it is an okay thing to do. While traveling safely, social distancing, and wearing our masks at all times made for a safe while relaxing trip to the mountains.