Daniel Heid

Senior Scholastic Bowl team member Daniel Heid is this week’s Pirate Competitor of the Week sponsored by Galena Culver’s and the Galena Gazette. Daniel led Galena’s scoring efforts in four victories last week over River Ridge and Lena-Winslow in varsity scholastic bowl conference play. He answered 21 tossups of 96 heard in the Pirate wins, an impressive 22%! He also served admirably as captain in both meets. Coach Ron Jenkins said, “Daniel is a solid team leader, with expertise in many academic areas, particularly social studies. He has helped to get our abbreviated season off to an excellent start!” Daniel was honored with a gift basket from the Galena Culver’s, as well as a newspaper courtesy of the Galena Gazette.
Also Nominated:
Sophomore Scholastic Bowl member Sam Eaton not only managed to correctly answer 8 tossup questions for the Pirates this past week, but according to coach Mary Calfee “he also did a phenomenal job when he was serving as captain of the JV team. Sam exudes great confidence and leadership skills that helped lead the JV team to two successful victories on Thursday!”