Senior Ski Trip


Senior girls posed by the Chestnut Mountain chair as they got their photo taken on that beautiful day. Starting from top left Syden Bensen ‘21, Kellyn Romer ‘21 and Alexa Garcia ‘21. Now for bottom left we have Riley Wills ‘21, Grace Wilhelm ‘21, Abby Soppe ‘21 and Ellis Kruse ‘21. The girls took this photo after enjoying lunch from our local restaurant Embee.

For many years now the GHS senior class goes on a fun end of the year trip. The seniors get to bond all day while celebrating their end of the year accomplishments! Due to the traveling restrictions the senior class had to pick a trip a little closer to home. The student council seniors had to decide on an activity that would be safe for the students while also applying social distancing skills. After much consideration, student council decided on a class trip that would be fun and safe, a skiing trip!

The ski trip was located at their local ski resort, Chestnut Mountain. The trip was on Friday, Feb. 26, while the students did not have school. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for skiing weather! Due to the coronavirus pandemic there were some changes from your typical field trip, while Chestnut Mountain also had many new regulations. Students were not able to take a bus; they did this to enforce social distancing skills. Therefore the students drive themselves to the resort. The students were also required to wear a face mask at all times on the hill. Another new regulation was students weren’t able to go into the building at Chestnut Mountain. 

“Due to the current circumstances their class trip had to be modified to meet the COVID-19 restrictions. Going on a ski trip was one of the only covid friendly activities we could do as a class. I’m really glad we got to do something fun since we haven’t had much to look forward to this school year,” stated senior Kylie Brown.

Once the students arrived at the resort they were allowed to ski as long as they wanted, up until closing. Students were giving a meal around lunch time provided by their local restaurant, Embee. Because of Chestnuts eating regulations students gathered around the fire pit, towards the bottom of the hill, and ate their lunch there. Most of the senior class ended up skiing the whole day. 

“Our senior trip was more fun than I expected. Our class got to bond throughout the whole day and most students stayed out much longer then expected. It was also cool because many students in different grades came out to ski so we all got to hangout with each other,” explains senior Abby Soppe. 

Although the class trip was modified the senior class still had lots of fun! The senior class got to enjoy a trip that was going to keep everyone safe while also meeting COVID-19 guidelines. This was also many students’ first time skiing so it also gave the seniors something new to try.