Final Thoughts


Throughout senior year, you begin to realize that as time goes on from fall to winter to spring, you will be encountering several milestones on your way to graduation. Of course, this year has entirely upended these milestones. Nearly all sports are crammed into the second semester; the seasons are shorter; there is no postseason to be excited about and all of the road trips to regionals in Fulton or sectionals in Pecatonica.

However, the senior class is making the most of what we’ve got. There is a reminiscent feeling of wearing your jersey for the last time, as a Pirate. It applies across all facets of high school. Little did we know that many of our senior lasts would take place in our junior year. From plays at Turner Hall or Winter Formal, the class of 2021 had to savor those moments from last year; we are not getting any do-overs. It is key that we enjoy all of the good things when we can, and while we have them. Things look and feel different, but some of the upcoming lasts include a toned-down homecoming week and the football and volleyball seasons wrapping up.

Athletics and extracurriculars not only enrich the student experience and student body, but they are the pride of our school and community. Students, no matter their interests or activities they participate in, are proud of what they have accomplished. Great patience and determination were required this year, and I am incredibly happy that we get an opportunity to play, perform, and participate.

There will be that moment when the clock strikes 0 in the fourth quarter and when the final point is scored in volleyball that it is all over; your high school career is done. It is in the history books. You made your mark at Galena High School. You may have set a record. It can be a bit emotional for some as many have devoted so much time, energy, and passion to what they do even before high school. That is not to say that we should be conscious about our every next move. Just go out and enjoy yourself.

Beyond athletics, there is the ever-ticking clock towards our final day and graduation. There will be a time when it is our last commute to school, the last time we have lunch in the cafeteria with friends, and the last time we go to classes. Yes, you may revisit this building for different purposes down the road, but you are now alumni. I heard a joke that Galena High School will be like the Roman Colosseum; it will be here forever.

Until that day comes when we all branch out like a budding tree all taking our own paths and in the world, we should enjoy the time we have together with friends and the things that we love doing. We can remain in touch and meet up in the future, but the time and place will not feel or be the same. This is truly a unique point in time, for the world, for the nation, and for our class. Some senior lasts have already occurred, and many will come in the following weeks. Make the most of it.