Creating a Spanish club


Having a passion for different cultures. Timmerman teaches students the Spanish language and about the different cultures that pair with it. “I am looking forward to immersing students in such a lively culture,” she said. “I think learning about different cultures is very valuable and joining Spanish Club is a fun way that students can learn hands-on.”

There is a not-so-new club at GHS this year. Spanish Club is being brought back by teacher, Ms. Timmerman.
Timmerman started teaching at GHS in 2019.
“There kind of was a Spanish Club when I got here,” said Timmerman. “My first year was just about getting used to the school and getting to know the students. It wasn’t a priority then, but I knew it was something that I wanted to do. Last year I was hoping to start it up, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like with remote learning, in person learning, and COVID regulations, so I just decided to hold off.”
With fewer regulations and students in school learning, this year seemed like a great time to start the club.
“I actually had a couple of students approach me about starting a Spanish Club. It was really cool that so many kids wanted to get involved,” said Timmerman.
Timmerman and the students met after school and sent out a Google Form to gauge interest. They got many responses.
“That was really a push to get it started this year too. It is cool that kids want to get involved,” said Timmerman.
Timmerman had no prior experience running a Spanish Club before, but she decided to take a deep dive in.
“Our first meeting (Sept. 10) was over Hispanic Heritage month. We did trivia and learned about different Spanish speaking countries. We have many plans for future meetings too. We will celebrate Day of the Dead. We are hoping to do a cooking night, pinata making, a dinner night where we order in Spanish, tutoring younger kids Spanish, and a movie night.”
Currently, Timmerman is working with a leadership team of Madison Glasgow ‘22, Grace Hillard ‘22, and Maya Dickerson ‘22.
“It has been really great to work closely with Ms. Timmerman. We’ve had a great turn out of kids who are interested in the club. I look forward to a fun year with everyone,” said Hillard.
“This is my first time starting a Spanish Club, so it is all new to me,” said Timmerman. “I am looking forward to working with this group to start up this club.”
One of Timmerman’s favorite things learning and teaching about the Spanish language is the culture that pairs with it.
“I think that it’s a super vibrant culture. You see that the culture is so rich and there is so much history,” Timmerman said. “It is so fascinating how each Spanish speaking country speaks a little bit differently. There’s different dialects, pronunciations of words, and vocabulary for the words.”
Timmerman is very excited to share her love of the language with students, as well as the rewards of learning a new language.