Class competition commences

Homecoming week is the most exciting week of the school year for the students and staff at GHS! Every year, the four grades compete for class points and bragging rights by dressing up for the dress up days, finding the hidden G’s, building their floats, and decorating their designated hallways. What really gets the students excited is the class games that are held on Thursday and Friday. For half of the students, it was their first homecoming experience, and they were looking forward to the fun homecoming week that GHS has to offer.
This year, Student Council brought back a lot of old games that everyone loves such as the pizza eating contest, musical chairs (with a twist), and snake it. However, this year the Student Council introduced new games such as the concession relay and men’s volleyball. Many of the boys at the school were looking forward to the new men’s volleyball because it was seen as Powder puff for the boys, and the girls got to be the coaches.
“I thought the idea of men’s volleyball was very new and creative because it gives the boys something to be excited about,” said Ava Hillard ‘24.
The concession relay was a very fun and competitive event against the four grades. There were many different foods that the students had to eat like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a Tootsie Roll, four sleeves of Ritz Crackers, and a lot of other interesting foods. This concession relay took longer than expected because there was a lot of food that students had to eat.
Each grade took turns taking over the lead. However, things took an unexpected turn. At the time, the freshman class was in last place for total class points. Despite this, they were able to bring in some points for their class by taking 1st place in the concession relay.
“I thought it was really fun to win and I feel like it gave our class a boost for the other games that we won,” said Ava Hahn ‘25.
Musical chairs with a twist is a very challenging, yet entertaining activity to watch and participate in. People were shoved, chairs were taken out until it got down to the last students standing. In the end, Kaleb Brashaw ‘22 and Jack Ries ‘24 were the last two standing. Both students were very competitive and fought hard for the last chair. Ries defeated Brashaw, which meant that the sophomore class were the winners of musical chairs.
“It felt really good to win against a senior and bring in points for my class,” said Ries.
Men’s volleyball was a new fun and competitive addition to the homecoming games, and became a favorite among a lot of students. The first day, the freshman took on the juniors. Both teams had some great points, but the juniors took the win over the freshman class. Immediately after, the sophomores took on the seniors, with the sophomores taking a surprising victory over the senior class.
“It really sucked that the sophomores got the best of us. Everyone thought that the seniors were going to win. It was just a really embarrassing moment for us when the sophomores were declared the winners,” said Jarrett Basten ‘22.
The next day at the men’s volleyball championship, the sophomores and juniors went head to head to see who would take the victory. Both teams had some really good points going for them. In the end, the sophomores fell to the juniors with the juniors taking the victory for the men’s volleyball games.
“I am very excited and honored to have beat the sophomores and help my team become the champions of the inaugural tournament, ‘’ said Sam Eaton ‘23.
During the homecoming games there was a lot of cheering, chanting, and competition. Homecoming week is a fun week for all of the students to spend time together and enjoy these moments together as a whole school.
There were a lot of ups and downs for all of the grades during some points of the week. However, sometimes the gam,es had unexpected results. Another successful homecoming is in the books for GHS.