A Wonderful Winter Formal


Lily Kern ‘25 and Jenna Smith ‘23 pose before they dance the night away at the Blizzard Ball. “I like dressing up for the dance and going with my friends,” Kern said, “We had a blast!”

On February 26th, the Blizzard Ball took place in the Galena High School gym. Since COVID-19 hit in the spring of 2020, students have not had a normal Winter Formal since.

This year the winter dance comes back in action mask-free. Students claim they had a blast because of the old atmosphere of being able to hold the dance in the gym mask-free.

“It was really fun and exciting to get back to normal and be able to dress up and get to go to a dance again,” said Kennedy Trausch ‘23.

Students enjoy going back to the old days when we were mask-free. On February 17th, Galena High School got the go to be mask-free throughout the school district. This left students wondering what this meant for our upcoming school activities including the Blizzard Ball.

Students were then fascinated with the idea that they were going to attend their first dance in a while without masks. “It was so great to dance and have fun with my friends because I could see their faces. Everything was back to normal which we haven’t seen in so long and I really enjoyed my time,” said Maddy Glasgow ‘22.

Even the boys that attended the dance got to return to their annual mosh pit. Not only were students excited to attend the dance, but the teachers were too. “It was great being able to see everyone’s face, smiling and laughing. You could tell everyone was having a great time.

It was a relief the mask mandate was over. I didn’t want to have to remind everyone to put their masks up all night long!” said Mrs. Burken. Overall, everyone was more than excited to be able to return to old times and experience a traditional mask-free dance once again.