Beach Boy Ben
Beach Boy Ben

By Adrien Lobato


When Ben Behike returned to school this August he had a new look. His hair is now a bleached blonde and gives off a California beach-boy look. It definitely fits in with his experiences during his summer. Most of his time was spent as a lifeguard at the Alice T. Virtue and the rest of the summer on vacation in California.

Behlke quotes, “It was amazing we landed in LAX and we spent 2 nights, 3 days there. We then drove up the coast, aka drove on highway 1, we went to Sequoia and the Redwoods National Parks. We went to San Francisco Fresno and many other places. I loved it there so much and would love to go back any time.”

“I worked at the pool this summer, so it was fun, long hours, but it is so great working there and working with the people there.”

Behlke’s  favorite celebrity is Leonardo Dicaprio. His summer look  may remind you of a certain actor in the  movie “Titanic”.

Behlke say that he would like to go to a good college and is interested in the field of science. His dream job is to be an engineer for google.


Article by Adrien Lobato

Ben Behlke, Staff writer

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