A Bright Future for Stephanie Hyde
Every teenager has a different high school experience.  Stephanie Hyde, senior, has a busy schedule, but loves every activity she participates in at GHS.  Hyde plans to go “out with a bang” this year, as she stays focused on her final year and her goals post- high school.

How does she manage academics, band and a stack of other school extracurriculars?  “Sleep is for the weak,” said the senior.  She is glad she challenges herself, and takes pride in all of her hard work/accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

Hyde is excited to be a “little fish” in college.  She is ready to be on her own, but will miss “seeing smiling, familiar faces at every corner.”  She isn’t opposed to being in a romantic relationship if it makes her happy.

Stephanie Hyde’s plans after college are still undecided, although she enjoys the Midwestern lifestyle.  She wants to get out and explore different areas before she settles down in one place.  She is very family- oriented, and her biggest supporter is her mom.

Her goals in life are “to be genuinely happy, and do what I love with the people I love.”  She finds happiness in the little things, and admits that a little laughter is an excellent way to cope on a bad day.  She wishes she would have “come out of her shell” earlier in school because she made some great friends, and regrets not opening up to them sooner.

The key to acing all of her tests? “Studying > Sleep”  

Emma Eaton

Stephanie Hyde, Social Media Editor

Apr 10, 2017
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