Emma Eaton
Learning to balance activities and schoolwork is part of the high school experience. Often, if a student is highly sports-oriented, they are consequently in less service or academic-oriented activities. Emma Eaton, an academically competitive, highly involved, four-sport athlete, proves to be a successful exception--with acknowledgments to her family.

As the daughter of high school football coach David Eaton, it is only fitting that Emma Eaton is a dedicated athlete. “I play volleyball, basketball, softball, and track. I love it, and I feel that being on a team helps me in so many other aspects of my life.”

However, Eaton shares that there’s no pressure to follow in her father’s footsteps. “He got me involved when I was younger, but my parents would be supportive if I no longer enjoyed them. It’s not the pressure you see in movies.”

Instead, Eaton says that it was she who used to put pressure on herself. “I used to be really self-conscious in sports and thought he [David Eaton] wanted me to get a sports scholarship like he did, but he doesn’t expect me to do that.”

With many other cares like her faith, family, and future, Eaton doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong picture. “People think sports is my highest priority, but school is probably the most important and just being a good person with strong values.”

Between sports, school, and a social life, Eaton’s busy schedule is often overwhelming. Though she reveals time-management and concentration as her secrets to success, Emma Eaton accredits family as her most effective push.

“Going above and beyond is Emma, but my family has always motivated me. I aspire to be as successful and happy as my parents are, and I realize that without hard work and a kind heart, I can’t achieve my goals.”


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Emma Eaton