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Dear Petey

Do you need help with getting organized?

Do you need help with your love life?

Don’t know what to get your mom for her birthday?

Don’t stress – Just ask Dear Petey!

[email protected]


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Anne Tellope
Stressed out freshman
An avid Tik Toker
Trash Pandas take over
Depression in Freshman Hall
Hungry for salad

Misunderstood and Mislabeled

Petey The Pirate, GHS Mascot

Dear Petey, So someone in high school is falsely claiming me as gay. It is really annoying and its bugging me. It is not that gay has anything wrong with it but false claiming people is just an act of bullying. Sincerely, Misunderstood   Dear Misunderstood, That is a very heavy rumor to be spreading around. I am so sorry to hear this and hope you are all right. Do not think that...

C. Parkey
Bored at Home

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