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Varsity football eyes state

The 2015 football season started off with a bang, when the Galena Pirates were ranked as the number one team in the state through the AP poll. They have since dropped to number 10, but the team is still looking towards a successful season.

“I really think we are capable of making our way to state this year,” said senior linebacker Matt Teply.

Although there are 64 other teams in 1A with that same objective, the Pirates have put in the work to achieve that goal.

“We have worked hard in the off season, and our team chemistry continues to grow,” said senior quarterback Alex Townsend. “We keep continuing to improve as a team.”

Not every team gets the opportunity to compete for a state title through the postseason. For 1A this year, the IHSA is going to have 2 brackets of 16 teams, meaning only half of the teams in 1A will make it to the playoffs. The Pirates currently sit at 4-2, and they need to be at least 6-3 for a guaranteed a spot in the postseason.

“Hopefully we will end up 7-2, so we have a chance at hosting a home game in the first round,” said head coach Ed Freed.

The Pirates have 3 teams left to play, 4-2 Warren, 4-2 West Carroll and 5-1 Dakota. All three teams have had successful seasons so far and are all capable of making it to the playoffs.

“We’re hungry to win state, since it got taken away from us last year,” said team manager Allison Ward.