Emma Blaum

Emma Blaum

January 11, 2021
Senior Athlete Highlight of the Week

Senior Athlete Highlight of the Week

Abby Soppe, Staff Writer
December 31, 2020
Tyler Temperly

Tyler Temperly

December 14, 2020
Striding for greatness. Corrina Noble ‘21 drives a ball down the court in a past 2019 game against Wethersfield High School. “I am really excited to see how this season goes. It’s going to be a very different experience, but I am trying to look at it in the most positive way possible to ensure that this season will be fun and successful” , stated Noble.

Big Population Drop in GHS

Kylie Brown, Editor in Chief
November 9, 2020

Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play

Grace Hillard, Staff Writer
November 4, 2020
One last photo. Last year's GHS soccer players laugh as they take their last photo before the season was cut short. These girls will take the field as this year's senior players.  From left, Willa Hook ‘21, Kristian Hall ‘21, Sophie Northrup ‘21, Mackenzie Knautz ‘21, Maggie Handfelt ‘21 and Karsyn Duplessis ‘21.

Kicking into the New Season

Ava Miller, Staff Writer
November 2, 2020
“I swear we didn't plan this.” Galena High School volleyball team dressed in all black on October 15, 2020, just as a fun bonding experience. As they entered practice, Coach Wills began noticing a pattern, all were in black. The previous practice, the senior girls wore their freshman year warmup shirts, so they thought all wearing black would be a good way to get the whole team on board. “Volleyball is not like it has been in the past, so our team does little things like this, to make it a little more fun,” said Julia Townsend ‘23. “This is a fun yet practical way for us to bond and make memories during this crazy, unsure season.”

Hustle, Hit, Never Quit

Kate Moran, Staff Writer
November 2, 2020
Coach Michael Benson with his son Jaycob Benson after a Sluggers Game.

“A Coaches Q’s”

Judas Benson, Staff Writer
November 2, 2020
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