Misunderstood and Mislabeled

Dear Petey,

So someone in high school is falsely claiming me as gay. It is really annoying and its bugging me. It is not that gay has anything wrong with it but false claiming people is just an act of bullying.




Dear Misunderstood,

That is a very heavy rumor to be spreading around. I am so sorry to hear this and hope you are all right. Do not think that you are in the wrong for being upset about a rumor spreading about you. Any rumor like this is not acceptable in GHS. It is a prideful place and I believe that you as the student body are better than this. If you or anyone you know is spreading rumors that could hurt someone, be considerate and put yourself in that situation. Not one person would appreciate false and offensive rumors flying around about them. I am disappointed. Please be better GHS.

Most Sincerely,

Petey The Pirate

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