Frosty competition for charity


Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge. Sophmore boys dominate the junior boys in the championship game. “I was so proud of our team because I didn’t think we were going to win” says Jacob Townsend ‘21. Money raised at the Frosty Frolic is used by the NHS’ annual Giving Tree.

The traditional NHS Fall Frolic was a little different this year. Due to the volleyball team’s success, the fall date was postponed to a later date in December, and the new Frosty Frolic was born. Students were eager to come and compete against their classmates.

For their third victory in a row, seniors Evan Kruse and Jack Einsweiler dominated the badminton arena. The duo went unscored on until the championship match in which they won easily by a score of 11-2.

In the bean bag bracket Kruse took his second win of the night with partner Kris Knautz ‘19. The team cruised through the competition, swiftly winning all of their games, and won the championship unchallenged.

The most popular game of the evening was dodgeball. This year’s competition was very interesting with quite a few upsets. One of the biggest surprises of the night was when the senior boys, who had only ever lost once before, were taken out in the second round by the sophomore boys’ team.

The championship came down to the strong and hungry sophomore boys, and a rag tag group of mostly juniors thirsty for a win.

The battle was fierce, and the game took all three sets to complete. The third match was decided in a controversial call made by the referees which eliminated Chance Lyden ‘19, who was the last player left on his team. That was the call that declared the sophomore boys the new champions of Frosty Frolic dodgeball. The winning team included; Sam Hesselbacher, Jacob Townsend, Ryan Holland, Will Nack, and Duilio Moctezuma.

This year’s ‘Frosty’ Frolic was a great night filled with fun competition. Winners were crowned and losers went home sad in anticipation of the upcoming Spring Spectacular.

Win or lose, the NHS Fall or Frosty Frolic is a great event that helps raise money for families in need. All of the proceeds from the event supported the NHS giving tree, which brings Christmas presents to local families in need.

The NHS encourages all students to participate in the next Spring Spectacular, which will be held this spring.