Decorated caps in GHS grads future?


All blinged out. Graduation caps that have been decorated and bedazzled are all the rage on college campus’. GHS students want to start that tradition here.

Graduation is one of the first major milestones in a young adult’s life. It’s the one day where we’re recognized for our accomplishments and get to start a new chapter of our lives.

In my opinion I feel as if we should all feel as special as possible. I think that it should be an option for the Class of 2019 to decorate our graduation caps. We pay for the hats so why can’t we do what we want with them?

Decorating the hats would allow for students to express themselves in a subtle way. It’s not like we are doing some crazy and extravagant thing that could ruin the GHS reputation.

I mentioned something to my friends about this idea and they loved it. They thought it would be something unique that we could all do. It would definitely be a cool picture too.

I sent my friend Brooke Bingham ‘19 into Mrs. Murphy’s office to ask about this. She came back with bad news that the boss was not going to let us do it.

Because of that, I wrote Mrs. Murphy an email saying, “Hey there, I was just wondering along with a few others in my class if it was possible in any way that we could decorate our graduation caps. If you would like to make any specific restrictions, that would be okay with me. Just let me know what you think!” she respectfully responded by saying, “Thanks for the email but no.”

I’m assuming that this was a thing a while ago and someone decided to be funny and ruin it for everyone because there are plenty of school around here that do it. Plus if we did decorate our caps, I doubt every single senior would do it. And if every senior did it, there would only be a total of like 55 kids to approve which is no big deal.

I would just like to do something special with my class for the last time before we all go our separate ways this fall.