Students take part in Halloween dress-up


Dressing up from home. “I was really surprised I won out of my grade, but super excited to find out because I was home and it was one thing that made me happy during my time in quarantine. I also received a fabulous prize which I was very happy about!” says Maddy Glasgow ‘22.

On Friday, October 30, the GHS Student Council sponsored a costume contest for students. “We wanted to do something fun,” said Sarah Rosenthal, student council sponsor. “I love getting dressed up and this seemed like a perfect excuse.” Students were given guidelines and told they had to have costumes that fell within the school dress code, and they had to be able to wear their masks. 

“I was super happy to find out that we were allowed to dress up for Halloween because it gave me something to look forward to!” said Victor Garcia ‘22. Garcia came to school dressed as a ninja. 

Students who were interested were able to enter a picture of their costume to be judged for prizes. “I think what made the dress-up opportunity even better is that there was a contest, it made me actually want to dress up so that I could win a prize,” said Avery Engle ‘22. Engle dressed up for her day of remote learning. 

One winner was chosen from each grade level. For the freshman, Charlie Duncan took home the prize with his hippy costume. Hayes Noble brought

 it home for the sophomores with his Run DMC costume, complete with old school tape deck player. “I won a bunch of candy,” said Noble. “Which is always something I think is cool. It was even better because I was really proud of my costume.”

The junior class winner was Maddy Glasgow who submitted her costume photo from quarantine. Glasgow dressed up as a character from Scooby Doo. The costume that took the prize for the senior class was a gumball machine made by Nicole Johnson. 

Not originally a category, but the best group costume also won a prize. Freshmen Ella Getz, Kiera Linenfelser, Chloe Roland, and Emma Blaum dressed as Scoo

by, Daphne, Velma and Fred from Scooby Doo. All students won gift cards given by the student council. 

Although some students were very excited to show off their costumes, many were 

not able to participate due to having to quarantine. “I was the only one out of my friends that was left at school since they all had to quarantine, so I was extremely upset when I wasn’t able to dress up with them,” says Morgan McIntyre ‘21. 

Halloween dress up day gave students the opportunity to take a break from their everyday outfits and show people their interests based on their costume. Many students took part in this, and all costumes were very creative. Although some students did not get to participate in the way they were hoping for, everyone was still giving off the spookiness that was hoped for.