Last One Standing


Morgan was going to dress up as space cowgirls with all of her friends but had a last minute costume change due to all of them being quarantined.

In the past two weeks, many kids have been sent home due to COVID-19 exposures. The whole volleyball team was sent home plus more, and then the next day nine more kids were sent home. This consisted of a lot of the senior girls and left only a few at school. Senior Morgan McIntyre was one of the few senior girls who was still attending school in-person. 

Morgan was excited for Halloween weekend because it was the first weekend in a while that she had plans with her friends. Thursday during the second period was the day all of those plans went down the drain. Her friends were being sent home because they were all exposed mainly at the volleyball open gym that happened that Sunday before. She was frustrated and upset about this although she knew there was nothing that could have been done. McIntyre explains, “It was very frustrating because there isn’t much to look forward to and get excited about and this was the first thing I was excited for in a long time.” She knew to keep everyone safe and that quarantining them was the best option for herself and others. 

Halloween weekend went by, and still all of her friends were at home. Morgan emphasized how small her classes were and how school in general was just not something she looked forward to. If you know Morgan, she is a very social person. “School turned out to be very lonely without my friends there,” she explained. “All of my classes were very empty and it got old very fast.” A lot of her in-person classes ended up being held through Google Meet due to her classes being so empty. 

As the week of Halloween week went on, more people got sent home. “My classes just kept getting emptier and it was just overall sad to see that this was how my senior year was,” Morgan said. She was very thankful that everyone was doing their part and being safe and everyone was doing okay. I know it can get pretty boring sitting in your house for 10 days straight, but staying home is the best thing you can do to keep everyone safe and healthy.