If Keyboards Could Talk

If Keyboards Could Talk

If keyboards could talk they would definitely be angry. Keyboards basically get punched in the face, multiple times a day, every day. If that were you then wouldn’t you be angry too? I mean who would actually want that for themselves.

As a student who uses a keyboard every day, I feel sorry for them. I feel like a bully because I think that if my keyboard could talk it would have plenty of complaints. The first complaint would be about how hard I type. I don’t pound on the keys, but I definitely don’t just lightly tap them.

I also feel like my keyboard would complain about how sweaty my hands are. My hands sweat constantly. Knowing this, I clean my keyboard at least once a week. Even then though, that’s just gross.

Here’s a couple of quotes I think that my keyboard would say if it could talk for a day:

“Please be more gentle, you don’t have to break me to type.”

“Stop. Before you start typing, think about where your hands have been today…ya that’s what I thought, go wash those things please.”

“Please clean me now, you typed a whole essay in one sitting and now I look like I haven’t showered in a week.”

“You never take me to see my family, it’s been four years Corrina!”

“Why am I not getting paid to put up with this freak. Like seriously, she scares me.”

Next time you go to type and essay, send an email, or finish an online assignment, stop and think about what your keyboard would say to you. Thank it, it’s the least you can do.