Understand My Sickness From “The Princess Bride”

Life was dreary. 

He walked a Miserable Life. 

Endless Frustration took place. 

He had no love. 

He could happily kill something.

There was always sickness and weakness inside. 

The Prince was weakening. 

His only hope was slaughtered. 

The prince was powerful but dangerous.

He wasn’t in that much of a hurry to be king. 

He began to enjoy the suffering. 

After all these years, the prince was destructive.

He was empty. 

Humperdnick designed the day of his own death.

He never ate nor slept. 

He was doomed to a miserable life. 

Life was brick hard.

Prince Humperdnick was his own enemy. 

No way of finding something worthy. 

Life was empty.