Also Nominated 4/12/21

Senior football player Khalid Newton had 3 receptions for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns to go along with 4 tackles, including a potential touchdown saving tackle late in Saturday’s victory over Stockton.  According to coach Ed Freed, “Khalid’s two huge touchdown catches of 70 and 51 yards led our offense in a close game victory over our rival Stockton. Khalid’s first touchdown catch on the opening drive gave our team a huge momentum boost early in the game.  Khalid showed his explosiveness and pure speed in the game making outstanding runs after the catch. Khalid’s desire to help the team and ability to learn the game in this limited season has been outstanding for someone that hasn’t played the game since 6th grade.”

8th grader Evelyn Callahan had 7 assists in Tuesday’s 2-1 (21-11, 21-17, 14-21) victory over River Ridge, followed by 11 assists the next night in another win (21-10, 21-14, 22-20) over the conference rival.  Coach Kailyn Stumpf commented, “Evelyn is quick on her feet and makes smart decisions on the court. She has taken on the important role of one of our setters, and has really grown in that position. She takes charge and plays with heart.  Evelyn has been working very hard this season and it’s been fun to watch her grow into a great athlete.”

8th Grade volleyball player Gracie Furlong helped the Pirates to two victories over River Ridge last week.  Coach Kailyn Stumpf praised her efforts, saying “Gracie is a fierce competitor. When she steps out onto the court, she’s confident and determined. Gracie plays the game with heart, and helps to motivate her teammates to work hard during practices and games. Gracie helped take both wins last week against River Ridge. During Tuesday night’s game, Gracie went on a serving spree and came away with 7 aces. On Wednesday, Gracie made another great run with 7 aces and multiple kills.”

7th grade volleyball player Kallan Kropp had 2 aces in wins over East Dubuque and 2 aces and 2 kills in last week’s two matches with River Ridge.  Coach Emily Winders stated, “Kallan is a great addition to the Pirate Volleyball Team. She is a player I can depend on during challenging times and works great under pressure! Kallan is a very coachable athlete and makes coaching very rewarding. With her determination and hard working attitude, Kallan will continue to help the Pirate Volleyball Program be strong!”