Lets get powder puff tough

The competition of the classes started with the girls Powder puff this year! In homeroom on the 20th through the 22nd the girls went head to head in our yearly homecoming powder puff games. 12 girl players and two male coaches from each class participated in flag football.
On Monday in homeroom the juniors took on the freshman. This was the freshman’s first homecoming activity, “Going into the game I was really nervous and excited to see what kind of skills our grade has,” said Carly Miller ‘25.
“I think we did okay knowing that it was our first powder puff game that we played. I think we learned a lot from it and will be more prepared to play next year now”
The juniors played a great game and beat the freshman to advance to the finals.
The next day, the sophomores played the seniors. “I was super excited all day going into the game. The girls knew all the plays and were ready to take on the seniors” said sophomore coach Jack Ries ‘24.
“I was impressed with the way all the girls hung in there. This was their first ever Powder puff game and I think they played well.”
The sophomores gave it their all but ended up losing to the seniors.
On Wednesday during homeroom all the classes came into the gym to watch the finals. The seniors took on the juniors in the finals.
Excitement filled the school all day, “I was super excited to play in front of the whole school like we used to do but I wasn’t nervous about playing the juniors,” said Kiera Lyden ‘22.
The game was super tight at the start but the seniors ended up pulling through and winning in the end.
“I was ready to win or lose but us seniors ended up playing really good together,” Lyden said, “Winning our last ever Powder puff game was really a great feeling.” The final score was 20-6 with the seniors taking the Powder puff championship title.
These games were just the start of the competitive rivalry. This victory helped put the seniors into the lead and one step closer at the chance of winning.