Hallway Decorating Kicks off GHS Homecoming Week


Cooper Einsweiler ‘24 carrying a Hulk figure to help contribute to his sophomore class’s hallway masterpiece. Einsweiler said, “It was really fun to decorate the halls together and it was even better to see our hard work pay off in the end.”

Walking down the GHS hallways students go from seeing Scooby Doo to Superheros or from Star Wars to Spooky Skeletons. This year, hallway decorating was on Sunday, September 19 from 6 pm to 8 pm. Students came to the high school to work together to decorate their hallways to start off the exciting week of homecoming. This year’s theme was movie genres.
The freshman class theme was mystery, the sophomores chose action, the juniors decided on sci-fi, and the seniors selected horror. With the results on Monday morning, students were filled with anticipation over who might have won. “The minutes before the announcements I was nervously waiting for the winner to be announced. We all worked super hard and wanted to win,” said Maddy Glagsow ‘22.
During A2, the results were announced. This year, there was a tie for first place! Tied for first were the sophomores and juniors! Emma Furlong ‘24 said, “It was nice to see all our hard work pay off. We definitely didn’t expect to win as sophomores.” Their hallway was filled with Marvel superheroes and villains based decorations.
Juniors who also earned the first place spot decorated their hallway with Star Wars and ET movie theatre decorations. “Hallway decorating started off a little stressful because we didn’t have paper for the first hour but overall, I had a fun time,” said Kayleigh Folks ‘23.
Third place went to the seniors with their scary skeletons and coffin decorated hallway. “I was really disappointed with getting third place. I thought we put so much effort into our hallway compared to years past and didn’t deserve third place,” Sydney Einsweiler ‘22 said. Finally, in last place was the freshman with their Scooby Doo decorated hallway.
No matter the outcome, everyone had a great time with their classmates and was looking forward to the rest of homecoming week ending with the exciting dance on Saturday.