Lights, Camera, DANCE!

On September 22, 2021 at 6:30 PM. Galena High School put on what was formerly known as “Skit Night,” recently changed to “Pep Assembly: Dance Off.” Unfortunately last year we were unable to have this, so this year was extra exciting and fun. GHS welcomed the whole town of Galena to come enjoy the evening with us. Each grade, and the staff, was in charge of coming up with a dance that represented the Homecoming Football game as well as their grade levels’ theme.
The Freshman started off the dance with a very “mysterious” dance. Freshman Gracie Furlong stated, “It was a really fun experience and I enjoyed being a part of it. It was cool to watch it all come together even with how few people participated.” Furlong 25’. The freshman came in last place for their dance.
Following the freshman was the sophomores. This was also the sophomores first year participating, as due to COVID-19, we didn’t have one last year. Their theme was action. Sophomore Ruby Dickerson was a participant in their dance. Unfortunately Ruby broke her foot while practicing for the dance so she was unable to perform the final outcome. She stated,
“I was sad that I wasn’t able to participate in the end, but I was happy with how they pulled through and ended up with a pretty good dance for our first year doing it.” Dickerson 24’. The sophomores received third place.
Up next was the Juniors. Their theme was Sci-Fi. All week the Juniors and Seniors were neck to neck for that first place position, and this event was one to really make a difference in the outcome, being worth a lot of points!
“It was so fun getting together to choreograph a dance that everyone loves. I’m proud of the effort that was put into the dance this year, especially the amount of participation we had this year!” said Paeton Hyde 23’.
With an extremely close difference between first place and second place, by a slim vote, the Juniors took first place.
The seniors took the stage next with a “spooky dance” with horror as their theme.
“Although I was upset about the outcome, the dance was a memorable experience for my senior year. It was for sure one of my favorite parts of homecoming week this year. I was impressed with the amount of participation and the results compared to previous years,” recalled Emilee Rodriguez ‘22.
The seniors took second place, ranking behind the juniors merely.
Lastly, the staff took part in the fun. They gave the audience a comical, but almost tragic love story for a couple on a date night at the movie theatre. The staff never disappoints with their skits.
This homecoming week event has been a tradition for many years and hopefully continues to. Each grade did a remarkable job with the time spent doing it, the dedication, and the total outcome of the evening. In the end the final places for the dance off was resulting in last, the freshman, third, the sophomores, second, the seniors, and first place, the juniors. The night was filled with friendly competition, all laughs and fun, and great memories installed for a lifetime. Maya, senior, commented, “I was so proud to see my class come together this year for homecoming. The whole night was enjoyable to watch and all the grades’ dances were pretty good.” Dickerson 22’