Utria Eats: Adobo’s


After months of speculation and tons of rumors about when Abobo’s would open in Galena, it is finally here! Abobo’s is a locally owned Mexican restaurant that is well known for their burritos as well as their tacos, nachos, taco salads, and burrito bowls. With the opening of the new location, the question comes to mind: is the Galena location as good as the Adobos in Dubuque. The easy answer is “Yes.”

The first time I went to Adobo’s in Galena, I decided to go with my favorite meal: the chicken burrito, and, it was delicious. The burrito was packed with flavor from the kick of the diablo sauce to the savory pieces of chicken.
My burrito was served with a side of chips and salsa.

Like most restaurants Adobo’s offers fountain drinks which are primarily Coca-Cola products. One specific thing that Adobo’s has is heir Mexican-based sodas like the Jarrito drinks as well as bottled Coca-Cola which has a different taste and tastes a lot better than American-based Coca-Cola.

There are so many options to choose from at Adobo’s and it isn’t possible to have a bad meal there unless you make it bad. The meat selection for Abobo’s is pretty solid with meats such as bistec, pollo, barbacoa, carnitas, ground beef, and chorizo.

While the meat selection is solid they do have a vegetarian option in the form of fajita veggies which is an alternative to meat.The variety of toppings is traditional for a Mexican restaurant, but allows you to really make your lunch your own!

The atmosphere inside the Galena location (where the old Beijing Buffet used to be is bright and cheery. It doesn’t even resemble the buffet it used to be. The workers are friendly and you can tell that they really enjoy being there and making food to make people happy.

I recommend you try everything. But seriously, get a burrito, you won’t be sorry.