No Time for losers


Throughout the past month, eight GHS students prepared through the blood, sweat, and tears in hopes to be the 1st annual rock, paper, scissors champion. February 18th was the day for these students to showcase their true talent. Second chances were given, and people were eliminated until it came down to the final two standing.

Representing the senior class and Mr. Tancrell’s homeroom, Tony McDermott ‘22 stepped up and took on the undefeated sophomore, Ava Hillard ‘24, who was representing Mr. Knight’s homeroom. The majority of the crowd was rooting for McDermott to win, since he had been putting on quite a show, however, Hillard stepped up to the table and proved the crowd wrong to show GHS who was truly the best.

In order for Hillard to take her title, it was not always easy training.
“On the day of the competition, I was practicing with my friends, Kayleigh and Keaton, and they kept beating me,” said Hillard.
Ava has been playing rock, paper, scissors for as long as she could remember.

“I remember I would always play with my sisters when I was really little and I would usually win,” she said. Clearly, Hillard proved to have a lot of confidence and it showed on the day of the rock, paper, scissors competition.
Typically in a game of rock, paper, scissors, each person has a favorite between the three.

“Out of the three options, I always go for rock first because most of the time my opponent will either pick paper or scissors,” said Hillard. However, during the match with McDermott, there was a very different outcome.
“When I stepped up to the podium, I was very surprised that Tony caught on to my strategy and picked paper first,” she said.

Although McDermott did win the first match, Hillard continued playing and the whole school was shocked to see the end result of the tournament.
When Hillard was declared the winner of the tournament, she was awarded with the famous “Murphy Cup.” She got to sign her name on the trophy and she will always be remembered as the first rock, paper, scissors champion in GHS history.

After this year’s competition, Hillard has a lot more training ahead to prepare for the next rock, paper, scissors championship.

“I look forward to hopefully advancing to the championship next year and going two years strong,” said Hillard.

It was a successful first rock, paper, scissors tournament in the books for GHS.