Rocking the Paper Fashion

As the awaited rock, paper, scissors championship was upon us students waited eagerly for the games to begin. Championship took place on February 18 and following students competing included: Sebastine Ensign ‘25, Brady Kevern ‘25, Ava Hillard ‘24, Charlie Duncan ‘24, Sam Eaton ‘23, Natalie Palomino ‘23, Tony McDermott ‘22 and Sami Deininger ‘22.

Aside from the big competition, teachers and staff planned out a morning of homeroom games to get the students hyped for the competition to come. A very popular fan favorite from the morning included a newspaper fashion show.

Students involved had to form groups of three within their homeroom and were assigned different duties in order to create the best newspaper model. Duties including a planner, designer, and model. Students were given only a limited amount of time to create their outfit along with a limited amount of newspaper and tape.

As time ran up, the homeroom teacher announced each model along with some background information of where their model was from along with the style of their outfit.

Junior Maia Kropp explains her team’s tactics in order to have the best model! “I had a team of three junior boys so we went for a more simplistic design. We thought that a crop top and skirt would be a perfect match and would really be a challenge against our competition,” said Kropp.

“This game got me excited for the rock paper scissors competition because it kept my mind off of school work and it was a fun and different activity that gave us anticipation for the big tournament,” said Kropp.

After the games came to an end students gathered in the gym patiently waiting for the championship to begin. Each grade battled for the win but only one student came out on top. Sophomore, Ava Hillard, was this year’s rock, paper, scissors champion!