Lilly Streich Marches into Galena


This year, the middle school and high school welcomes a new face to the music staff. With the departure of Mr. Myatt at the end of last year, Lilly Steich looked to fill in the open spot of choir teacher.  Ms. Streich is very excited to begin her first full year of teaching at Galena. Before Galena, Ms. Streich taught at East Dubuque for a semester before returning to the Pirate Nation. 

Ms. Streich attended Luther College for four years. While attending Luther Ms. Streich was a part of the Top Ensemble while also being a part of a mixed acapella and an all female acapella. She continued her learning through student teaching right here at Galena. She did her semester of student teaching with Mrs. Rijpma at the primary school. 

“I am looking to grow kids’ opinions on choir and make it a fun and interesting place to learn about how beautiful singing is,” said Ms. Streich.

“We are excited to have Ms. Streich teaching with us.   She is an energetic, passionate teacher that is a great addition to the Galena schools,” said Ben Soat, principle of then GMS. 

“I want to move forward with working with both the middle school and high school choir to further their interests in music, by trying to incorporate everyone and get everyone interested in choir. I want to keep those kids interested and excited and I hope for them to continue their journey in music. I want to create something everyone is proud of and want to prove that you don’t need a big school choir to sound great,” said Ms. Streich.