Suau Makes A Comeback


Among the many new staff faces this year, we see a familiar face. This familiar face has shocked everyone. Sophomore Beckett SImpson said, “It is wonderful to have him back. I’m excited to bring back our program and I can’t wait to see what we can do as a band. brought a spark of joy to all the students within the Galena School district. Mr.Suau has returned! Having a passion for band, he hopes to focus on the positive energy and getting more kids involved with the band. “Playing together and playing well is always a priority.”  Said Suau.“But this year I would really like to see us focused on positive energy.” 

Over his years of teaching, he has always expressed that band should be fun and a place to truly express yourself. “I know that we have fewer people involved than we did a few years ago.” Suau stated, “If you’re reading this and you’ve recently decided that band isn’t for you, please know that you’re welcome back any time!” 

After being able to be closer to family, the students learned that Mr.Suau was extremely enthusiastic about being able to return to GUSD schools. “We were looking for Music teaching jobs in the area and saw that Galena was looking for someone.” Suau said, “So I applied and interviewed and am happy to be back!” Mr.Suau stated, “We have a solid group this year- they are doing a really good job especially for their size.” Hearing the potential of the band this year, we sure can expect amazing performances from them. If you would like to hear the band for yourself, you can come to a home football game this fall! Mr.Suau is back and better than ever!