Back and Better Than Ever


The Galena Girls Varsity Volleyball Team is back like they never left. Last year they lost to Aquin during the second round of sectionals which was devastating, but it motivated them to go further this year. With endless hours in the gym practicing they are working on improving their skills and better themselves. 

The girls have started the season just right. They have gone 8-0 traveling and staying at their home gym. They traveled to Anamosa, Iowa on Saturday Sept. 3 to play in a tournament. They started the day strong going 2-0, then they got handed their first loss. The girls finished the tournament winning every game after and finishing in second place.

“The team we lost to was a very good team and it definitely sucks to have a loss on the record,” said Julia Townsend ‘23. “But we can use this as a learning experience for the tough games we will play in the future.” 

After their loss, the team came back home and played as if nothing had happened. They played Stockton on Tuesday Sept. 6 which was an easy breeze. They then played River Ridge on Thursday Sept. 8 and that was the game they have been waiting for. The girls could not wait to play River Ridge because a writer for the newspaper said that River Ridge could beat them. After hearing the news that sparked a flame under their feet. In both matches, the Galena girls varsity kept them under 15 points.

“It was a fun game to play. I think we play 10 times better when there’s a big crowd and a big student section that cheers loudly,” said Paeton Hyde ‘23. “It’s fun to kill a team that was so confident they were going to win.” 

The Galena Girls Varsity will keep working hard and keep defeating other teams. They will take their loss to heart and learn from their mistakes. It was good to have a loss under their belt so they have one now and not during the postseason where they can’t redeem themselves.