A warm welcome back


Mrs. Calfee is all smiles as she returns to GHS and her students after having her baby. ”I am really excited and ready to begin teaching after being gone for so long,” she said.

As we enter into the winter season a familiar face reappears after being gone for much of the first semester. That’s right Mrs. Calfee has returned from her time off. As most of us know Mrs. Calfee has been absent from school  to take care of her new born baby. “Barrett William Calfee was born on August 8,” said Mrs. Calfee. “I’ve always wanted to name my children with Irish names since I am Irish, so we searched high and low to find the perfect Irish boy name.”

Many math students may be saddened after losing Ms. Schroeder, however Mrs. Calfee is bringing back her energetic attitude.”We were so lucky to have Ms. Schroeder fill in for me while I was out,” she said. ”It’s not only difficult to find a long-term substitute teacher, but it’s extremely difficult to find a long-term substitute that can teach math at the high school level.  Ms. Schroeder was the perfect fit for what we needed and did a wonderful job teaching our students!  A huge thank-you goes to Ms. Schroeder for filling in for me!” 

NHS also gets to see the return of Mrs. Calfee as they held their first meeting together on Friday. “It is so exciting to have Mrs. Calfee back at school!” said NHS President Julia Townsend. ”She is very helpful when it comes to the National Honor Society! As the president it takes a lot of work getting everything organized, so it was a little hard to get started while she was gone. Now that she is back, it is great to have more guidance!” NHS was under the supervision of Mrs. Bradbury while Mrs. Calfee was out. The first event the NHS will tackle this month is The Giving Tree. Be on the lookout for the tree to go up in the library and remember to take a tag and buy a gift for kids in our community who need our help. 

Mrs. Calfee was very excited to get back to teaching. “I am very excited to be back teaching!  It’s been good getting back into the swing of things with students that I’ve had before and getting to know my new-to-me students.” The high school can now feel a sense of closure as Mrs. Calfee can greet us with her saying, “Math Is Cool.”